This page is laughably out of date... I'll be getting around to updating it at some point.

There's a lot more to tabletop gaming than just deciding whether you are the boot or the top hat. I'm still learning myself and that is why this page is still "under construction." I don't know exactly what I should put here, but if you have an idea, please Contact Me!

Here are a few links that will help introduce you to the world of tabletop gaming.

Here are a few resources for those of you that are already into gaming and looking to dive deeper.

For those of you getting into Dominion here are three essential links.

  • Play Dominion - The first place you should go if you want to learn. Start with the tutorial adventure or just mash buttons against bots until you learn.
  • Dominion Strategy - Be careful here, this rabbit hole goes really deep.
  • Dominion Tabbed Divider Generator - Making your own set? This little widget will make all the card dividers you could want.

My current list of games, What do you want to play?

  • Arkham Horror
  • Battleball
  • Cards Against Humanity
    • Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion
    • Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion
    • Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion
    • Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion
    • Cards Against Humanity: Holiday Expansion
    • Cards Against Humanity: 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit
    • Cards Against Humanity: 90s Nostalgia Pack
    • Cards Against Humanity: Reject Pack
    • Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Box
  • Discount Salmon
  • Dominion
    • Dominion: Alchemy
    • Dominion: Cornucopia
    • Dominion: Dark Ages
    • Dominion: Guilds
    • Dominion: Hinterlands
    • Dominion: Intrigue
    • Dominion: Prosperity
    • Dominion: Seaside
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination
  • MindTrap
  • Munchkin
    • Munchkin Impossible
    • Munchkin Zombies
    • Super Munchkin
  • Power Grid: The First Sparks
  • San Juan
  • SET
  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • The Resistance
  • The Settlers of Catan
    • The Settlers of Catan: 5-6 Player Extension
  • Ticket to Ride
  • We Didn't Playtest This Either with Blue Deck and Dice Are Fun Expansions
  • Who Am I? The Biography Game